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Hydroplanner Webapp keeps track of your plants and notifies you if you need to take action.
Our Hydrologger device helps you automate everything, from measuring to automatic control your pumps.
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Digital Hydroponics Service

Hydroplanner is our system which helps you analyze and understand your hydroponics system. It enables you to log all you activities and delivers you an easy dashboard of all important metrics. Moreover you can set alerts which notify you everytime a measurement is out of bounds. Hydroplanner also offers all the services for you to control the Hydrologger.

Hydroplanner dashboard on different devices

Hydroponics Analysis

Start understanding your plants
Extensive Dashboard

Get an overview over all essential metrics of your hydroponics. Also see how your changes affect your system with helpful charts.


Additionally to the metrics measured by the Hydrologger, you can as well log all kinds of important actions you take and learn their effect manually.

Chart showing ph values in Hydroplanner Application
Chart showing tds values in Hydroplanner Application
Card showing air temperature values in Hydroplanner Application
Card showing humidity values in Hydroplanner Application
Chart showing air temperature values in Hydroplanner application

Hydroponics Reactivity

React to your plants needs

Set limits for each metric and learn when your crop is in danger.


Get notified as soon as your crops experience unexpected levels of pH, tds or other metrics.

Chart showing a warning and a threshold in the Hydroplanner application
Card showing a warning in the Hydroplanner application

Hydroponics Automation

Hydroponics System Automation with Hydrologger
Continuous Monitoring

The Hydrologger is your automated assistant which helps you track all essential metrics of your hydroponics system.

Detailed Scheduling

With the Hydrologger, you can schedule your pumps, lights or other appliances.

Hydrologger device